Thomas O.
Super solid barber shop. Not only were they able to get me a last minute appointment, but the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I went in for a buzz and beard trim — Dennis did a phenomenal job and even taught me how to maintain my beard at home as I grow it out. Highly recommend him and this place!
Paul P.
Daisy gives me the best haircut I’ve ever experienced. Been going to her for 2 years and she cuts with precision and my hair is perfectly balanced on both sides. I have great conversations with Daisy and Dennis and always look forward to going to the shop. I love their new place!! Very easy and welcoming location.
Timothy S.
Top notch. Daisy is a professional. Easy to schedule, great location and most importantly an outstanding haircut. Highly recommend.
Mario R.
I am upset for not knowing about this place before! Daisy and Dennis are outstanding. They just opened up this location not too long ago and it’s great. I am beyond happy with this haircut, I don’t quite remember the last time I enjoyed a haircut and actually felt great afterwards. I will be coming here from now on. This is the best barbershop in the Newport Bay Area. If you want a great haircut, check this place out, I swear you won’t regret it!
Kyle K.
Dennis and Daisy are the best duo around! Aside from the fact that they are AMAZING at what they do and have been cutting hair a long long time, they make you feel at home and are two of the friendliest people I've ever met. I feel very comfortable with them, they are great friends who make you laugh and care about how your life is going. Highly recommend, they are amazing!